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The research team proposes to analyze and to systemize the legislation wich contains the administrative procedures normes that make up the fundamental right to a good administration. In our research we take into consideration the hypotesis that the simple inscribing of these procedural rules in international instruments, even with a great importance, don't guarantee its appliance. Some of these procedural rules imply a continous process of learning for the citizens as well as for the civil servants.

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Professor Emil Balan PhD - Project Director

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Lect .univ.dr. Gabriela Varia - Researcher

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Lect.univ.dr. Marius Vacarelu - Researcher

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Lect.univ.dr. Drago
s Troanta - Researcher

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Lect .univ.dr.Cristi Iftene - Researcher

Involving young researchers in the project was done by:

  • Participation in all phases of the project with researchers;
  • Attendees at disseminating results of scientific research within the country and abroad;
  • Publication as a co-author of research results and substantiation result of the successful appropriation of preparation stages in the project;
  • Utilize the information acquired in the project for the development of knowledge;
  • Active participation in project management;
  • Supporting the stock multiplier of learning outcomes through new applications proposed for funding research individually or in teams

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