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The project “The Right to a Good Administration and its Impact on Public Administration's Procedures” proposes the research of a new theme in the Romanian administrative and juridical space, and from this perspective, the objectives of the project may seem daring. In this sense, the project proposes to detail and to study thoroughly, through substantive comparative analysis the concept of good administration, its content and determinations, and, in the same time, to identify its impact on public administration's procedures.
The research team proposes to analyze and to systemize the legislation wich contains the administrative procedures normes that make up the fundamental right to a good administration. In our research we take into consideration the hypotesis that the simple inscribing of these procedural rules in international instruments, even with a great importance, don't guarantee its appliance. Some of these procedural rules imply a continous process of learning for the citizens as well as for the civil servants.

The research is innovative on two directions: scientific and practical, because it intends to be a bringing into public debate of an issue which is not merely scientific, but also has the valences of a public issue, in the conditions in which the social impact of the administrative procedures is a certainty. first part of the research - the European dimension - will perform, in the first place, an analysis at the level of the European Union, as well as a comparative analysis at the level of the EU member states (several states). objectives aimed at:

  • clarifying and correct understanding of certain concepts specific to research:
  • identifying the content of the right to a good administration in the international doctrine;
  • identifying the principles that govern the administrative procedure, principles that make up the good administration (both at the level of the EU and of that of the member states)
  • analyzing and exact representing of these principles, tracing: modality in which they are regulated from the legal point of viewmodality in which they are applied effects of implementing, applying and observing the principles identified
  • identifying the expectations had by the population in Romania with respect to a good administration - this objective will be structured, in regards to the measurable dimensions, according to the following variables: expectations regarding the access to administrationexpectations regarding the reply modalities of the administration with respect to their requests;
  • identifying the opinions of the public servants regarding the procedural regulations necessary in order to ensure a good administration

Thus there will be highlighted the existing good practices in the matter at the level of the member states and the requirements for achieving a good administration, formulated at the EU level.
second part of the research - will analyze at the domestic level:

  • - if the principles identified have a correspondent
  • - the modality in which they are regulated and applied, as well as the effects obtained

The main objective aims at achieving a clear image of the present condition regarding the administrative procedure at the domestic level and at identifying the similarities or differences existing at the national level.
last part of the project has as main objectives: proposals and solutions - both legislative and of public policies and initiatives at the executive level, which should allow: alignment at the European standards administrative simplification and the elimination of the existing contradictions simplification, systematization and unification of the administrative procedure, thus resulting an administrative procedure codetraining programs for the civil servantsthe academic environment - by organizing round tables, workshopsthe citizens regarding the rights they have and the obligations of the public administration in its relation with the citizens.

The project proposes two categories of objectives: a scientific one, of simplifying and codifying procedural norms in our country, and a practical one, of training civil servants in the matter of good administration. Thus, being in the presence of a complex project, the major followed objectives can be grouped in two categories:
The identification and elucidation of the principles that govern public administration, formulated at European and international level;simplification and codification of the procedural norms at internal level.

Training the civil servants at internal level in order to attain the standards of a good administration;scientific events at internal level in order to develop the national doctrine in the field of administrative and juridical sciences.
of the contribution of a experienced research team and collaborators, having high competence in the field of administrative and juridical sciences, totally dedicated to modernizing and reaching the standards of excellence in public administration, it exist the premises of a high quality scientific research, useful for administrative and juridical sciences.

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